Minelab Excalibur metal detector ctx3030 mod headphones Garrett pin pointer

DESCRIPTION: Up for sale.. is my modified / hybrid – Minelab Excalibur ‘Gold Sword – New York’ metal detector.. This model was one of the first Excalibur models on the market made from 1994-96 and originally came with red headphones and an 8″ horseshoe coil. Having been an avid beach / pasture detectorist for some

DESCRIPTION: Up for sale.. is my modified / hybrid – Minelab Excalibur ‘Gold Sword – New York’ metal detector.. This model was one of the first Excalibur models on the market made from 1994-96 and originally came with red headphones and an 8″ horseshoe coil. Having been an avid beach / pasture detectorist for some years, due to a lack of time and a move inland, i am selling this beloved Excalibur machine.. it comes with upgraded Grey Ghost headphones, upgraded Minelab Tornado coil and a used but working Garrett pin pointer. The early gold sword excalibur model control which is now very hard to find, is renowned for its better tones and greater depth. This is a dual purpose detector ideal for beach wet/dry sand and non iron contaminated pastures and fields.. if you have heavy mineralised ground BBS technology is perfect. It goes very deep.. 12″ on jewellery and coins on wet sand is no problem.. even mineralized ground one can get depths of 8-10″ easy.. in some case double what a Deus can get to. This is due, like the Minelab sovereign range, to the BBS technology that sends multiple frequencies into the ground.. so it is equally good at finding gold or silver hammered or modern coins on the beach. The trick with all minelabs esp the BBS types is swing slow and low. Contact with iron silences the threshold so detecting in an iron polluted ground is not advised. I did tons of research a few years ago into what the ultimate BBS / excalibur set up would look like and from previous experience using Sovereign GT’s with a wide number of coils,, the best and deepest was the 10″ tornado coil. I have hard wired one of these into this Excalibur. While the coil head, main control and headphones are waterproof, i have removed an old damaged icklite battery pod connector and wired on a open battery holder which takes 8 AA batteries. I use high power 2000-3000mah rechargable batteries which will last up to 6-8 hours in one detecting session and seem to add a bit more power to the circuit, which in tern add depth. This battery pack is not water proof and is currently held within a velco strap attached to the shaft. You could wrap this battery pack with plastic and bands and you could use it in the heavy rain or shallow wading at the beach. Other modifiations include: A new ctx3030 type headphone connector so as to use the superb waterproof grey ghost headphones which give the best tone sounds and are much more comfortable to wear. The aluminium shaft is straight, made from an old hospital crutch, the control is mounted behind the elbow giving it nice balance. The arm cup and hand grip are mounted to the shaft. The lower shaft is a minelab carbon fibre example. The upper shaft pole is exactly the dimension of the original steel excalibur S shaft so the excalibur control sits nicely in place mounted off to one side, making it easy to access the controls esp the discrimination/ all metal mode. The whole detector weighs 1.7kg which is .5 kg lighter than the current MK2 model with a 10″ coil.Condition: The detector works as it should inc all controls.. being a used machine there is surface wear. No cracks or chips to the main control box casing or coil. The coil lead rubber outer has perished and split in 3 places, these have been repaired with black electric insulation and fine. There is about 70 cms of good wire above the coil if you wanted to go wading. Also the controls are really easy to set and go.. International buyers welcome – high quality packing used to ship.. Batteries are not included.. Condition: Full working condition with marks and scuff due to use. The coil has been used with a cover and is like new on the bottom. The main control box is full water proof. There are a couple of splits to the out coil wire casing towards the upper stem, these have been well taped and pose no issue as the inner wires are also protected. The headphone are in very good order. The pinpointer is worn but still works great. and has been taped up to protect from water ingress. You will be getting exactly what is listed (PLEASE ALSO USE PICTURES AS A CONDITION GUIDE)COMBINED POSTAGE ON ALL ITEMS !!!INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS WELCOME – GOOD PACKING AVAILABLECheck out my other items – Lots of other items added each week. 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After you have received the item and have left feedback, i will know you are happy with the item and i will leave positive feedback to you.SHIPPING DETAILSROYAL MAIL or Courier for large itemsITEMS SENT REGISTERED DELIVERY AND WILL NEED SIGNIATUREAlthough items often arrive sooner, please allow up to 5 working days for UK delivery and longer for overseas.All parcels are packed to the highest standard. Only quality materials are used for packing so there is a small charge (already included in the postage quote) added to cover costs. Please be aware that postage costs are expensive but I do NOT profit from postage charges. I am happy to combine items to save on postage costs. Contact me for special delivery or overseas shipping quote!ITEM DESCRIPTIONSItems are described honestly and as accurately as possible, I do not hide anything! 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