Metal Detecting For Beginners

This Quick Start Guide is short and to the point, intended to get the reader familiar with metal detectors, their operation and accessories, then into the field to find great stuff. Those who already have a detector and a few accessories can start reading this book over breakfast and be out in the field hunting productively before lunch.

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Metal Detecting For Beginners

New to metal detecting?  Here are 101 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started!

This isn’t an exhaustive guide to everything you’ll ever want to know about metal detecting. It’s not a complete course in treasure hunting. It’s a quick but thorough read from a detectorist who’s been swinging a machine long enough to know how to do it successfully, but who hasn’t forgotten what it feels like to be just beginning and needing a way to start smart.

The 108-page softcover contains everything you need to get out there for a productive hunt:

  • a helpful glossary of terms
  • an overview of the hobby and various specialization options
  • information about equipment, hunting safety and etiquette
  • how and where to find places to hunt
  • cleaning, preserving and displaying your finds
  • a special bonus section contains resources about the hobby
  • nine black & white photographs and illustrations

The handy pocket-sized book is intended to be used, not just read. It has a film-laminated cover, providing greater durability for use in the field, and its 5 x 8 size is easy to fit in your field bag.

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Kkat says:

Great starting point and great, easy read. I’m thinking of getting into detecting after watching Nuggetnoggin too many times on YouTube. So this handbook is a great start to show you that even a £100 detector will give you hours of fun digging up the dirt and wadding in the streams.

Mrs. J. E. Lee says:

he was very pleased This was bought for my grandson to go with his new Detector that his parents had bought him for Xmas, he was very pleased indeed

d m findlay says:

Ok Bought as a gift for a beginner , he’s very happy with it

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