Metal detectors are useful for finding metal items hidden within objects or metal objects hidden underground. As the name suggests, they only detect metal items or items containing metal. They consist of a handheld unit with a sensor probe which is swept over the ground or other objects. When the sensor comes near to a piece of metal this is then indicated by a change in the tone in the headphones, or an indication displayed on an LCD panel.

There are many uses for metal detection technology. Other uses range from military use, food production to security and the pharmaceutical industry. A common question among users is "How deep can my metal detector discover metal objects"? In General, metal detectors work at a maximum depth of about 20–50cm or 8–20in. Some countries prohibit or restrict the use of Metal Detectors so please check and consider where you are going to use your device before making any purchases. The used detector list changes almost daily so please visit our page frequently for the latest second hand metal detectors.
You can download a copy of the UK Code of Practice for metal detector users Here

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